NOTE: if the files are zipped they must be unzipped before moving to the same directory that your totala.exe is in. If you don't know how to extract files, Google is your friend ;). Link for Esacalation mod is all the way at the bottom. The All-In-One install is down there too. If you have Escalation, be sure to copy the files to both directories where the totala.exe lives.

MAPS (in order of preference: 2nd on list, TA_Features_2013.ccx, required for many 3rd party maps)

=========required maps===============
Zeal Maps
TA Features 2013
V1 maps FINAL
V2 maps
V3 maps FINAL
V4 maps FINAL (md5 sum: b29cc6a5a3b0f4847d14a9c1e451adab )
V4 maps FINAL, V3 Maps Final
Wotan's Gift

Other maps that are nice to have
Core Contigency Maps
Fetz Maps
Fetz vol 2 part 2 Maps
Fetz vol 2 part 1 Maps
Chrismor 5 Maps
Chrismor 1-4 Maps
CMT_Amnesia Map

PD Marathon Maps & Unit (Phreaks)

=========Alternate Map Source (use if others are down)============

Not all the above maps are available here, and it takes some looking to find those that are, but if the other links are broke then you do what you have to do ;)
TA Universe Maps
V4 maps (alternate source, link enabled only on request)
V4 maps FINAL (alternate source, link enabled only on request)

=========required extra units (OTA ONLY)============
Chris (anti-air)
The Phreaks (arm con units for core/core con uits for arm)

CAVEDOG UNITS (OTA ONLY, most already have these, some might need the CC units on the second line)
Core Contigency Units

3.9 PATCH (install EITHER this [preferably] or the demo recorder below [if this turns out incompatible with your system])
3.9 patch forum link for instructions
3.9 patch resources
3.9 patch
hotfix for dx error (read forum for details

OLD DEMO RECORDER (install if 3.9 patch unworkable on your system: install the first then follow the README in the second to update it)
TA Demo v99b2
Ta Demo

ALL-IN-ONE (Original TA install setup with older recorder and most cavedog units. Maps will still be needed to be downloaded, and can upgrade to the 3.9 patch, though that isn't compatible with all systems)

=========required to play ESC mod (escalation mod): Installs to a new directory ("TA Escalation" within the OTA directory), and make sure to copy any maps over) Run the initial install first, then the most recent update ==================
TA ESCALATION MOD Hot Patch(if game won't launch)